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Old company using my license [+]
Adobe ColdFusion Blog | 4/17/19 9:00 AM | EULA, Licensing, Question, 2016, eula, licensing, question
I was working for a company and purchased coldfusion to spin up a VM.  I am no longer with that company and they are still using my license how do i go about reclaiming so i can use again?  I no longer have access to the VM it was installed on. The post Old company using my license appeared first on ColdFusion.

I wanted a pre-conference workshop to bring more developers into the CF fold… Adobe one-upped me with something even better. [+]
Adobe ColdFusion Blog | 4/17/19 9:00 AM | ColdFusion Summit, Discussion, Preconference, cfsummit, coldfusion summit, discussion, preconference
Once more, I will be attending ColdFusion Summit.  Again I will state to anyone who is on the fence; just go.  It’s a great time.  You learn a lot.  There’s excellent presentations by talented contributors to the community.  There’s hands on with the people who create ColdFusion.  And you get previews of ways ColdFusion can make completing your job quicker, more efficient, and more professional. Last year, I wrote an arti

Dynamic Form Templates with CFInclude [+]
Immanuel Noel | 4/17/19 2:30 AM | ColdFusion, HTML-JS-CSS, Tech, CFInclude, Form-Data, templates, User experience
ColdFusion is a pretty powerful language when it comes to managing all your server / enterprise resources, but it is also useful to manipulate user interfaces. In this post, we speak about using the CFInclude tag to build intuitive user experiences. To start with, here is our problem. We had multiple pages in a website, and all of them were used to capture data. The issue was, none of the fields captured were finite. We had to capture (into a database) fields tha

Into the Box 2019: Workshops Prerequisites [+]
Into the Box Conference | 4/16/19 3:00 PM | ColdBox, ColdFusion, CommandBox, ContentBox, Into the Box, News, Speakers, Workshops
Welcome to ITB2019 Workshops The entire Ortus Solutions team gives you the most cordial welcome to Into the Box 2019 Workshop Sessions! We are very excited to have you on board, surely this will be a great opportunity to extend and deepen your knowledge and take you to be active part of the Software Revolution. General Instructions For your learning experience during the training to be satisfactory, you must read and follow the instructions given by the instructors in the workshop in w

Using "replaceUrl" In Order To Honor The Back-Button While Chaining Absolute Redirects In Angular 7.2.13 [+]
Kinky Solutions | 4/16/19 7:00 AM | Javascript / DHTML
Ben Nadel follows-up on his previous post regarding chained absolute and local redirects with the Router in Angular 7.2.13. Whereas his first approach broke the browser's natural Back Button behavior, using the "replaceUrl" option allows the Back Button to continue to work exactly as the User would expect it to, even across chained absolute redirects....

ITB2019 - Meet Gavin Pickin [+]
Into the Box Conference | 4/15/19 1:00 PM | Into the Box, Sessions, Speakers
Meet our speaker Gavin Pickin Gavin started using ColdFusion in 1999 when working for the university of Auckland in New Zealand before moving to California. He has lead teams, trained new developers and worked the full stack from graphic design, HTML CSS JavaScript through to ColdFusion MySQL and server administration. Gavin has a passion for learning and cannot understand why the 9-5ers aren't listening to podcasts while changing diapers, watching

More Fun With Recursive Components, Tree State, And One-Way Data Flow In Angular 7.2.13 [+]
Kinky Solutions | 4/15/19 9:00 AM | Javascript / DHTML
Ben Nadel explores the exhilarating world of recursive component rendering in Angular 7.2.13, rendering an arbitrarily nested Folder structure in which the "expanded" and "collapsed" state of a Folder can be changed by the user and persisted the browser URL, all with a unidirectional data-flow....

Getting Location in NativeScript - Part 2 [+]
Raymond Camden'sBlog | 4/14/19 3:00 PM | vuejs, nativescript, javascript, mobile
A few days ago I blogged about working with Geolocation in NativeScript (“Getting Location in NativeScript”). That post was a bit short as I was writing during a layover on my way to NativeScript Developer Day (which was pretty damn cool!) in Amsterdam. Now I’m on my way home, stuck in Atlanta due to storms causing chaos, and I thought I’d share a quick update to my previous post.

Chaining Absolute And Local Redirects With The Router In Angular 7.2.13 [+]
Kinky Solutions | 4/14/19 9:00 AM | Javascript / DHTML
Ben Nadel demonstrates how to get around a "redirect" limitation in the Angular Router by using a transient Component to perform the redirect. This allows multiple absolute redirects to be chained as well as chaining local redirects after an absolute redirect - something that is critical for maintaining backwards compatibility in an old Angular application....

ColdFusion Summit East 2019 Recap [+]
South of Shasta | 4/13/19 11:00 AM | ColdFusion, ColdFusion Summit
I walked in the front door at about 2am on Thursday morning and am not moving at the fastest pace today, but that’s because the ColdFusion Summit East 2019 was a big success! (Other than one of my thumb drives walking off anyway. :) )

ColdFusion Vs Java (Afraid to Know Which One is Better?) [+]
TeraTech | 4/12/19 1:00 PM | CF Vs. Other Languages

A Log Analyzer with the ELK Stack, Nginx and Docker [+]
Immanuel Noel | 4/12/19 10:00 AM | Tech, Containers, DOcker, ElasticSearch, ELK, ELK Stack, Kibana, Logstash, NginX
This post is about a log parser I quickly put together, with the help of the Elastic Search – Logstash – Kibana (ELK) stack and Docker. The ELK Stack, in undoubtedly a phenomenal solution for analyzing centralized logging. Logstash beautifully breaks down every detail in the log and takes care of pushing them into ElasticSearch, which is then displayed by Kibana as neat charts.  In this case, we configure Logstash to additionally generate geographic data, based on an

Loading Text File Content With FileReader During A Drag-And-Drop Interaction In Angular 7.2.12 [+]
Kinky Solutions | 4/12/19 9:00 AM | Javascript / DHTML
Ben Nadel continues his exploration of the File APIs in Angular, this time allowing the user to drag-and-drop a Text File onto the Angular app, which will read and render the contents of the file using the FileReader utility class....

Dynamic Form Templates with CFInsert [+]
Immanuel Noel | 4/12/19 5:30 AM | ColdFusion, HTML-JS-CSS, Tech, CFInsert, Form-Data, templates, User experience
ColdFusion is a pretty powerful language when it comes to managing all your server / enterprise resources, but it is also useful to manipulate user interfaces. In this post, we speak about using the CFInsert tag to build intuitive user experiences. Our problem is simple – to insert key value pairs from multiple web forms, into a common database. A fairly simple problem, but the expectation was also to ensure a good user-experience. Here’s an illustrat

How to minify and combine Javascript and CSS files with Coldfusion [+]
Blog RSS Feed by Akitogo | 4/12/19 3:00 AM | ColdFusion, EN
A native approach with Commandbox. Either run for all files with a directory or setup a config file which contains all files to be minified grouped in different sections.

ColdFusion Summit East Notes: Securing Mature CFML Codebases, Pete Freitag [+]
South of Shasta | 4/11/19 6:00 PM | ColdFusion, ColdFusion Summit, Notes
even the wealthiest, biggest companies have security issues not a good idea to ignore them mature codebase - has thousands of source code files has code you hope you don’t have to see again can take weeks, often months, of work to properly secure can be hard to fix, brittle probably uses outdated techniques

ColdFusion Summit East Notes: CF + ReactJS, Minh Vo [+]
South of Shasta | 4/11/19 6:00 PM | ColdFusion, ColdFusion Summit, JavaScript, Notes
(Minh’s talk was a stellar intro to ReactJS, and how easy it is to start using. He showed just enough of a video game prototype to show how to build a real world app with it, but the demo wasn’t so big as to get the audience lost. His code samples where clear and he explained the sections very well. I didn’t take a ton of notes because I got sucked into watching the demos, but here are a few takeaways from his preso.) “Getting to the moon is not an extension of

ColdFusion Summit East Notes: Refreshing Your UI - Modern Uses for WebSockets, Giancarlo Gomez [+]
South of Shasta | 4/11/19 5:30 PM | ColdFusion, ColdFusion Summit, Notes
what websockets are - full-dpluex communication channels over a single TCP connection bi-directional communication between client and server little overhead very little latency event driven web programming, not just user initiated stateful can communicate with any # of them at any given time

ColdFusion Summit East Notes: Faster Queries in ColdFusion and SQL Server, Eric Cobb [+]
South of Shasta | 4/11/19 4:00 PM | ColdFusion, ColdFusion Summit
All tips work on SQL 2005 and up Public Stack Overflow Database powered by SQL server Stack Overflow periodically make copies of their DB for people to use in presentations! Good free data set to play with for demos, etc.

ITB2019 - Meet Eric Peterson [+]
Into the Box Conference | 4/11/19 3:30 PM | Into the Box, Sessions, Speakers
Tell us about... Tell us something funny about yourself? From my junior year of high school, I knew with absolute certainty that I was going to be a university professor of English literature. As you may have guessed, because my ITB session isn't a lecture on HamletBox, even best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. --> Why should companies or developers modernize? No one likes maintaining legacy code. Yet we all have legacy code. Modernizing is the way out. It allows us to convert leg

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