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Code Kata: Creating A Fluent, Closure-Based "Builder" API In Lucee CFML [+]
Kinky Solutions | 9/16/20 4:00 AM | ColdFusion
Ben Nadel performs a code kata to create a "fluent", closure-based builder API in Lucee CFML This allows a URL (in this case) to be aggregated over a series of chained method calls that ultimately results in a final URL value....

Vue Quick Shot - Form Field Character Counters [+]
Raymond Camden'sBlog | 9/15/20 5:30 PM | vuejs, vue quick shot, javascript
A common user interface feature you'll see on sites is a counter by form fields to let you know how much you've typed. Typically this is when a certain minimum or maximum number of characters are required. Instead of simply displaying an error ("You haven't typed enough, dangit!"), this feature will give you a "live" update as you type of how many characters have been typed so far. Here's a quick example of how to do this in Vue.js.

A Note on Misconfiguring my SSH Config When Setting Up Two Github Accounts [+]
Matthew J. Clemente | 9/15/20 5:00 PM
Recently, I set up a demo Github account. I already had a demo GitLab account. So now I have two GitHub accounts, two GitLab accounts, and a Bitbucket account for good measure. It took me a few tries to get the multiple accounts working correctly, so these are my notes, in the event that I forget, or need to set it up again. tldr; You should explicitly list all Git Hosts in your ~

Why JavaScript is The Most Demanded IT Skill [+]
FusionReactor Java Performance Monitor: Blog | 9/15/20 4:30 AM | General Interest
There are various programming languages and IT frameworks for software development, but JavaScript (JS) is rated as the most popular and in-demand IT skill around the wor

All You Need To Know About Cyberpunk 2077 [+]
FusionReactor Java Performance Monitor: Blog | 9/15/20 4:30 AM | General Interest
Cyberpunk 2077 is an exciting upcoming video game starring Keanu Reeves, staged in an open-world, with loads of adventure and action. It is set in Night City, a megalopol

Accessing Cookies With The Same Name In Lucee CFML [+]
Kinky Solutions | 9/14/20 5:30 AM | ColdFusion
Ben Nadel demonstrates that all cookie values can be accessed via the getHttpRequestData() function even when the Cookie Scope only shows a limited number of conflicting / colliding values in Lucee CFML

The First Cookie Wins When Conflicting Cookie Names Are Used With Different Settings In Lucee CFML [+]
Kinky Solutions | 9/14/20 5:30 AM | ColdFusion
Ben Nadel looks at what happens when you define two cookies with conflicting names and different domain settings. And, how this presents in both JavaScript and Lucee CFML It turns out, the first cookie wins....

Improving Lucee's Query of Query Support [+]
Coder's Revolution | 9/11/20 2:51 PM | CommandBox, Java, Lucee, Performance, SQL
One of the really great features of CFML is the ability to run SQL against a result set in memory. This allows you to union separate results together or even apply additional filtering on an exiting result if you can't control what the DB gives you. Like everything, there is a time and a place for this. There are people who strongly dislike QoQ (query of queries) but my take is that I think they're great when used with relatively small data sets and unless performance profiling shows they are ca

Deleting Temporary Upload Files In Our K8 Operational Readiness Probe In Lucee CFML [+]
Kinky Solutions | 9/10/20 6:30 AM | ColdFusion
Ben Nadel shares his approach for combating disk-space exhaustion on his Lucee CFML servers. He's using his Kubernetes (K8) readiness probe to periodically run a background thread that explicitly deletes old temp files....

CFML Left and Right Functions can Accept Negative Counts [+]
ColdFusion, Java, and Web Development | 9/9/20 3:00 PM | ColdFusion
Here is a handy trick I saw in some code recently. It turns out you can use a negative integer in the count argument of the left() and right() functions in CFML. This works in multiple versions of both Lucee and Adobe C

Implementing the Observer pattern in ColdFusion with Observer.cfc [+]
Steve Bryant Blog | 9/9/20 11:30 AM | com.sebtools
Often I want to respond to events in a component, but I don't want it to need to know anything about the component that is taking action on it. This is often when I am using a generic component on my site. The Observer pattern is perfect for this. I didn't find an existing Observer implementation in ColdFusion that I loved and I wanted to try my hand at it, so I created Observer.cfc. [More]

Adding Custom Code to a WordPress Site [+]
Computer Know How | 9/9/20 8:30 AM | Uncategorized, WordPress, CSS, Custom Code, Custom Plugin, HTML, JavaScript, JS, Plugins, WordPress Plugin, WP Coder
Have you ever been working on a WordPress site and wanted to add something and could not find a widget that did what you needed? Maybe you found a plugin that does almost what you want (but not exactly). You may be tempted to change some of the code in the theme or plugin but this can lead to serious issues when you update versions. Here are two solutions to fixing the problem that will allow you to continue to update your theme and plugins. 1.) WP Coder The first soluti

Modernize or Die® - CFML News for September 8th, 2020 - Episode 69 [+]
Modernize or Die | 9/8/20 9:30 PM
2020-09-08 Weekly News - Episode 69Watch the video version on YouTube at Hosts:Gavin Pickin - Software Consultant for Ortus SolutionsEric Peterson- Software Consultant for Ortus SolutionsThanks to our Sponsor - Ortus SolutionsGet live training from the makers of your favorite Box Product.2 ColdBox Virtual Workshops coming in OctoberCFC

Join us: Online CF Meetup, Sep 10: “Differences between ColdFusion Enterprise & Standard: more than you may think”, with Charlie Arehart [+]
Adobe ColdFusion Blog | 9/8/20 2:30 PM | Announcements, Blog, ColdFusion seminar, announcements, blog, ColdFusion, coldfusion seminar
Come join us at the Online ColdFusion Meetup session on Thursday Sep 10, 2020 at 12p US Eastern time (UTC -4). The presentation will be: “Differences between ColdFusion Enterprise & Standard: more than you may think”, with Charlie Arehart. For more on the presentation, the speaker, how to join the group join (free), as well as the URL for the online meeting and more, please see the meetup event page: #meetup_oembed .mu_clearfix:after { vi

Building a Traffic-Based Workflow in Pipedream [+]
Raymond Camden'sBlog | 9/8/20 11:30 AM | javascript, pipedream, serverless
A few months ago I wrote about working with event sources in Pipedream. The folks at Pipedream have continued to work on the feature and have been making it easier to build them with a new command line tool. At the time I'm writing this, unfortunately, Windows support is not ready yet. While typically a show stopper for me, I was given a temporary build of the command line tool for Windows to help test.

The Elvis / Null Coalescing Operator Can Sometimes Replace The Safe Navigation Operator In Lucee CFML [+]
Kinky Solutions | 9/7/20 11:30 AM | ColdFusion
Ben Nadel learns that the Elvis / Null Coalescing Operator can sometimes replace the Safe Navigation operator in Lucee CFML; though, this only works in simple expression that don't contain method invocations....

FusionReactor 8.5.0 Released [+]
FusionReactor Java Performance Monitor: Blog | 9/7/20 6:30 AM | Blog Posts
FusionReactor 8.5.0 was released on the 1st September. This includes support for sending Event Snapshots and Profiles to FusionReactor Cloud. Also included is support for tracking CFTHREAD operations on Adobe ColdFusion servers, as well as support for new versions of OkHttp, Jedis, Kafka, and Micronaut.   See release notes The post FusionReactor 8.5.0 Release

Building a Basic Uptime Monitor with Pipedream [+]
Matthew J. Clemente | 9/6/20 12:30 PM
During a recent live-coding session, I tried to build a website uptime monitor with Pipedream. Even with a few digressions, I managed to get most of it done within the hour, and figured that the process and platform were worth sharing. Some Pipedream Context If you’re unfamiliar, Pipedream is a severless platform with a particular focus on ma

Temporary Upload Files Are Duplicated And Persisted When A Request Uses CFThread In Lucee CFML [+]
Kinky Solutions | 9/6/20 11:30 AM | ColdFusion
Ben Nadel demonstrates that temporary ".upload" files are duplicated when a file-handling request uses a CFThread tag so spawn asynchronous processing. And, that these "temporary" files are not deleted automatically by the Lucee CFML server....

Using Both STORE And DEFLATE Compression Methods With The zip CLI In Lucee CFML [+]
Kinky Solutions | 9/5/20 11:30 AM | ColdFusion
Ben Nadel takes a quick look at using both the STORE and DEFLATE compression methods in a single zip CLI invocation in Lucee CFML This - in theory - can save CPU time for files that don't benefit from compression....

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