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Using A Tracer Cookie To Watch For Browser Download-Prompts In Lucee CFML [+]
Kinky Solutions | 6/28/20 5:30 AM | ColdFusion, Javascript / DHTML
Ben Nadel explores the idea of using tracer cookies to monitor and respond to download-prompts using Lucee CFML In this demo, he shows an overlay while a report is being generated; and then, closes the overlay when the user is prompted to download the report....

Speeding Up My Shell (Oh My Zsh) [+]
Matthew J. Clemente | 6/26/20 2:30 PM
My shell startup has felt laggy for a while, but never quite slow enough that I felt compelled to track down the cause. Until today. Today I finally put in work, managing to shave nearly a second off its load time through a few adjustments to my setup with Oh My ZSH. tldr; Virtual environment managers (nvm, rbenv, jenv, etc) are the m

Loading java libraries dynamically in Lucee (without JavaLoader) [+]
As simple as possible, as complex as necessary | 6/26/20 12:00 PM
JavaLoader is no longer the only way to load third-party java libraries in Lucee dynamically and without fear of class clashes.

Adding Algolia Search to Eleventy and Netlify [+]
Raymond Camden'sBlog | 6/25/20 6:00 PM | eleventy, static sites
Before I begin, a quick warning. I got things working, but I honestly cannot say this is the best way to do it. I'm still learning and my goal is to add Algolia to my site here, but I failed in that attempt. (I'll explain why after the main tutorial.) I first wrote about search and the Jamstack earlier this year, and one of the first comments I got was about why I had not covered Algolia. At th

Using FusionReactor to measure success of application and environment migration and upgrade activities [+]
FusionReactor Java Performance Monitor: Blog | 6/24/20 11:00 AM | Blog Posts, Technical Blogs
Someone asked me recently if FusionReactor could be used to do performance testing, specifically to test the performance of an application before and after upgrading their application server. I said FR COULD be used to help with that, absolutely.   In the same way, one could imagine testing various other significant changes, such as a large-scale […] The post

Scope Traversal Behavior With Undefined Function Arguments In Lucee CFML [+]
Kinky Solutions | 6/24/20 5:30 AM | ColdFusion
Ben Nadel looks at what happens when an undefined argument conflicts with a global variable in Lucee CFML Due to scope cascading / traversal, you may end up with a value you aren't immediately expecting....

Modernize or Die® - CFML News for June 23rd, 2020 [+]
Modernize or Die | 6/23/20 5:00 PM
2020-06-23 Weekly News - Episode 58Watch the video version on YouTube at: Pickin - Software Consultant for Ortus SolutionsEric Peterson - Software Consultant for Ortus SolutionsThanks to our Sponsor - Ortus SolutionsGet live training from the makers of your favorite Box Product.Live Virtual Workshops available fo

Determining Food Popularity By Location [+]
Raymond Camden'sBlog | 6/23/20 1:00 PM | vuejs, javascript
This is typically the kind of post I've write up on HERE's blog, but as I haven't blogged here in nearly two weeks, I figured I'm past due to share some content. As it stands, this is yet another one of my lame demos and nothing really serious, but I had fun building it and thought I'd share.

Struct Iteration With CFLoop Exposes Both Key And Value In Lucee CFML [+]
Kinky Solutions | 6/23/20 5:30 AM | ColdFusion
Ben Nadel demonstrates that the Struct-iteration with the CFLoop tag declaratively exposes both the Key and the Value in Lucee CFML This obviates the need to imperatively access the Value (something you still have to do in Adobe ColdFusion)....

Online ColdFusion Meetup meeting, June 25, 12p Eastern. All welcome [+]
Adobe ColdFusion Blog | 6/23/20 12:00 AM | Announcements, Blog, ColdFusion seminar, announcements, blog, ColdFusion, coldfusion seminar
We will hold the 261st  meeting of the Online ColdFusion Meetup this week, Thursday June 25, 2020 at 12p US Eastern time (UTC -4). The presentation will be: “Keeping CF (and Java) updated: challenges and solutions”, with Charlie Arehart For more on the meeting, how to join (for free, no registration required), the URL for the online meeting, and more, please see the meetup event page:

Beyond the Basics of Using AWS S3 in CFML: Use Lifecycle Rules to Automatically Delete Files After a Period of Time [+]
Brian Klass | 6/22/20 12:30 PM
In the last post in this series, we looked at Lifecycle Rules in S3, how they worked, and how you can use them to save money by automatically moving less-frequently used files to different (and cheaper) storage classes. There’s another powerful aspect to Lifecycle Rules that can save you money: automatically deleting files after a specified period of time. Many of the files that are ad

Proxying Amazon AWS S3 Pre-Signed-URL Uploads Using CFHTTP And Lucee CFML [+]
Kinky Solutions | 6/22/20 7:30 AM | ColdFusion, Work
Ben Nadel demonstrates how to proxy uploads to Amazon AWS S3 using pre-signed URLs and the CFHTTP tag in Lucee CFML Such an approach could be helpful for customers that block HTTP traffic to Amazon AWS (for security purposes)....

Inheritance, Abstract Class and Interface in Java [+]
FusionReactor Java Performance Monitor: Blog | 6/22/20 1:30 AM | Technical Blogs
Java is an Object Oriented Programming language, and all the OOPS (object-oriented programming systems) concepts are applicable in programming. There are four main pillars of OOPS, and they are: 1.     Inheritance 2.     Abstraction 3.     Encapsulation 4.     Polymorphism There is an additional pillar in OOPS that is the […] The post

Hardware and Tools to Offer Effective Support [+]
FusionReactor Java Performance Monitor: Blog | 6/22/20 1:30 AM | Blog Posts
Hardware and Tools to Offer Effective Support For the past 3 years, I have been running the Support Desk at Integral and throughout this time I have found both hardware and tools that have helped make the job easier and provide the best service possible. In this post, I am going to share the hardware […] The post Hardware and Tools to Offer Effective Support appeared fir

Returning CFQuery / Query Results As Structs In Lucee [+]
Kinky Solutions | 6/18/20 7:30 AM | ColdFusion
Ben Nadel explores the use of returntype="Struct" in a CFQuery tag in Lucee CMFL And, how this feature can be used to drive INNER JOINs and sub-queries out of the database and into the application code (as needed)....

Every Line Of Code That You Write Is An Explicit Decision To Make The Application Better Or Worse [+]
Kinky Solutions | 6/17/20 7:30 AM | ColdFusion, Javascript / DHTML, SQL, Work
Ben Nadel reflects on web application development as being equal parts Science, and Art, and Psychology, and Empathy, and Emotional Intelligence. And why every line of code represents an explicit decision to make an application better or worse....

Using UPDATE + ORDER BY + LIMIT To Drive Multi-Worker Migrations In Lucee CFML [+]
Kinky Solutions | 6/17/20 4:00 AM | ColdFusion, SQL
Ben Nadel demonstrates how the ability to use ORDER BY and LIMIT clauses within an UPDATE statement in MySQL 5.6.37 lays the groundwork for running multiple, parallel workers against a database-driven migration in Lucee CFML

Beyond the Basics of Using AWS S3 in CFML: Use Lifecycle Rules to Move Files Into Different Storage Classes [+]
Brian Klass | 6/16/20 2:00 PM
In my last post in this series, we looked at using different storage classes in S3 via CFML to save money on long-term storage costs. The use case for that blog post assumed you knew the utilization pattern for the files you uploaded. They would either be very busy files, files that were accessed occasionally, or files that were accessed rarely. What happens, though, when file acess moves over

Root Filesystem Full on our Backup Server [+]
FusionReactor Java Performance Monitor: Blog | 6/16/20 10:30 AM | Technical Blogs, Linux
This morning I arrived to find our backup servers root file system full. This is very strange as the backups all go onto a second btrfs disk which has loads of space left. The Problem The root file system was using the full ~40Gb of disk even though the backup runs a single python script […] The post Root Filesystem Full on our Backup Server appeared first on

Why is Technical Debt Becoming Increasingly Important [+]
FusionReactor Java Performance Monitor: Blog | 6/16/20 10:30 AM | Blog Posts, Technical Blogs
Why is Technical Debt Becoming Increasingly Important What is Technical Debt? In simple terms, technical debt is what occurs when bugs or issues aren’t resolved in the earlier stages of development. Let’s assume you intend to start a new development project, and everything is going as planned; code is coming in, art is crafted, and […] The post Why is Te

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