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Storing and Using DateTimeOffsets in Lucee [+]
Michael Born - Web dev and such | 7/8/19 8:30 AM
Recently at Impelos I began storing dates using SQL Server's DateTimeOffset field, which allows us to store a date and time with embedded UTC offset. Unfortunately, I ran into several issues with Lucee's support for the data type. This post details what I did to work around the issues and even details how to format the

Parsing HTML Natively With htmlParse() In Lucee [+]
Kinky Solutions | 7/8/19 8:00 AM | ColdFusion
Ben Nadel looks at the native HTML parsing features of Lucee using the htmlParse() function. This function returns an XML document which can then be queried using XPath as well as manual object traversal methods....

Dynamically Loading Java Classes From JAR Files Using CreateObject() In Lucee [+]
Kinky Solutions | 7/8/19 8:00 AM | ColdFusion
Ben Nadel uses the htmlParse() method as a prefect pretense for exploring the ability to dynamically load Java libraries from JAR file paths in Lucee With the new createObject() behavior, Lucee 5.3 can natively create isolated Class Loaders for a given set of JAR files....

Wrapping Immutable Arrays In Mutable Arrays For Easier Processing In Angular 8.2.0-next.0 [+]
Kinky Solutions | 7/6/19 9:00 AM | ColdFusion
Ben Nadel attempts to codify a pattern that he's been starting to use a lot more: wrapping an immutable collection of data inside another collection such that the wrapper collection can be optimized for local consumption (such as when filtering and sorting a result-set)....

Fat-Arrow Functions And Lambda Expressions Are Supported In Lucee [+]
Kinky Solutions | 7/5/19 9:00 AM | ColdFusion
Ben Nadel looks at the fat-arrow / lambda expression support in Lucee This provides a short-hand notation for Function expressions; and, makes it easier to call higher-order functions in Lucee ColdFusion. To explore the topic, Ben attempts to implement a "natural sort" algorithm....

Replacing a Dynamic Regex Match with the Same Number of Spaces [+]
Raymond Camden'sBlog | 7/5/19 9:00 AM | javascript
This post is 100% thanks to my friend Peter Cooper. I couldn’t find any solutions online (or I may have Googled poorly) so I wanted to write this up in case other folks have the same problem. Imagine you have a string of HTML and you want to remove the tags. An easy solution would be something like this:

ColdFusion usage survey [+]
Adobe ColdFusion Blog | 7/4/19 2:00 AM | Adobe, Adobe ColdFusion 2016, Adobe ColdFusion 2018, Blog, adobe coldfusion, survey
Hello everyone, it is time for another short survey to understand about the usage of ColdFusion features across the applications you have in within your organization. Filling up the survey will only take a few minutes your time and the data that we capture here is really important for us here at Adobe. Thank you for your time. Here is the survey link again. The post

Tomcat Virtual Directory Howto [+]
ColdFusion, Java, and Web Development | 7/3/19 10:30 AM | ColdFusion, Java
Let's create a Tomcat virtual directory (or Alias) called /my_scripts which points x:\cf\cfusion\wwwroot\cf_scripts\scripts\ by adding the following inside of a <Host> tag in the server.xml file: <Context path="" docBase="x:/cf/cfusion/wwwroot" WorkDir="x:/cf/cfusion/runtime/conf/Catalina/localhost/tmp"> <Resources> <PreResources base="x:/cf/cfusion/wwwroot/cf_scripts/scripts" className=

FusionReactor is the best thing to ever happen to CFML [+]
FusionReactor Java Performance Monitor: Blog | 7/3/19 5:30 AM | Blog Posts, News
FusionReactor is the best thing to ever happen to CFML What do you like best? FusionReactor allows me to monitor and quickly troubleshoot my ColdFusion and Lucee servers. You simply should not run an enterprise-grade ColdFusion application without it. I has saved me so much time getting to root cause faster. More uptime for my […] The post FusionReactor is the best

Parsing Large JSON with NodeJS [+]
Computer Know How | 7/2/19 11:30 AM | Uncategorized
Recently I was tasked with parsing a very large JSON file with Node.js   Typically when wanting to parse JSON in Node its fairly simple. In the past I would do something like the following. Or even simpler with a require statement like this Both of these work great with small or even moderate size files, but what if you need to parse a really large JSON file, one with millions of lines, reading the entire file into memory is no longer a great option. Because of this I needed a way

Creating asyncAll(), asyncSettled(), And asyncRace() Functions Using runAsync() And Parallel Iteration In Lucee [+]
Kinky Solutions | 7/2/19 9:00 AM | ColdFusion
Ben Nadel builds on top of Lucee's parallel iteration behavior and the runAsync() function to create the Promise-inspired functions: asyncAll(), asyncSettled(), and asyncRace(). These three functions get increasingly complex, but manage to map Promise-based behaviors into ColdFusion's Future-based context....

Random Pictures of Beauty with Azure Functions and the NPS [+]
Raymond Camden'sBlog | 7/1/19 3:30 PM | azure, serverless, javascript
I’m a sucker for randomness, especially when it leads to something interesting or a new discovery. For example, the Twitter account OnePerfectShot shares stills from movies throughout all of cinematic history.

Communications link failure MySQL JDBC with TLS [+]
ColdFusion, Java, and Web Development | 7/1/19 1:30 PM | Databases, Java
Ran into an interesting situation trying to configure a MySQL JDBC driver to connect over TLS (though the driver may call it SSL, TLS is the name for more recent versions of the protocol). The error I was getting was pretty generic: Communications link failure The last packet sent successfully to the server was 0 milliseconds ago. The driver has not received any packets from the server. With the relevant parts of the stacktrace, also being non helpf

Experimenting With The Developer Ergonomics Of Data Access Using Parallel Struct Iteration In Lucee [+]
Kinky Solutions | 6/30/19 9:00 AM | ColdFusion
Ben Nadel continues to explore the use of data-structure iteration using parallel threads as a means to facilitate parallel data access (ie, running queries in parallel, not serial) in Lucee Using a little bit of encapsulation, he is able to create flexible methods that make parallel task execution easy and powerful....

A Quick Example Of Functional Programming (FP) In CFML [+]
Coder's Revolution | 6/29/19 1:48 PM | ColdFusion, CommandBox, Lucee
I was adding a feature to CommandBox CLI this week when I typed up some code that iterated over the keys in a struct, filtering out the ones it needed and then performed an action on the matching ones. I used the functional methods structFilter() and structEach() in CFML. They are an example of functional programming as they accept functions as input. This also means we can call them "higher order" functions. But termininologo aside, I typed up the same code using an older interactive approach j

Fine tuning your theme with Kendo Theme Builder [+]
Gregory Alexander | 6/28/19 11:00 PM | Gregory's Blog
Gregory's Blog is built from scratch to be fully themeable, and using the Kendo theme builder in addition with the built in theme settings allows you to have full control over the look and feel of your own theme. It was my goal to have dozens of themes and interfaces built into Gregory's Blog that would help to allow you to build a theme that you love- or to get you 95% of the way. If the theme does not perfectly match the look and feel of your site, using the Kendo UI Them

Using AWS Step Functions in CFML: Translating Text into Multiple Languages [+]
Brian Klass | 6/28/19 5:30 PM
In the last post in this series on using Step Functions from CFML, I introduced the last of the different Step Functions states: the parallel state. We’re now tracing the execution of a single parallel state in our workflow — the translation and speaking of the audio from the source video into Spanish. The first state in this parallel workflow is makeSpanishStart. Here’s the definition of this state:

My Podcast on Views with Vue [+]
Raymond Camden'sBlog | 6/28/19 5:30 PM | vuejs, JavaScript
Pardon what will be an incredibly short blog post, but as I don’t want to assume all of my readers use Twitter and may have missed it, I recently did a podcast with the Views on Vue folks. You can find my episode here:

Using a dynamic variable to set a dynamic path variable when dropping a cookie [+]
Gregory Alexander | 6/28/19 4:30 PM | ColdFusion
ColdFusion sometimes drives me a bit wonky when I try to set a dynamic variable inside a tag. Most ColdFusion tags support embedded dynamic variables, but quite a few tags don't support this. Probably the most frustrating issue is when you want to use a dynamic variable to extend an application in a sub-folder using two or more application.cfc templates.

7 Steps To Get The Best Coldfusion Web Application Performance [+]
TeraTech | 6/28/19 1:30 PM | Learn ColdFusion, Adobe ColdFusion 2018, ColdFusion, performance tunning, web application
Summary Learn about the simple performance tuning tricks and habits that will help you get the best ColdFusion web application performance and save your company hours of time and precious resources, all the while saving some money along the way.

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