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Slides and Code from My ColdFusion Summit 2018 Presentation “Step Into Serverless with Amazon Web Services and ColdFusion” [+]
Brian Klass | 2/11/19 9:00 AM
I just realized that never posted the slides from my ColdFusion Summit 2018 presentation “Step Into Serverless with Amazon Web Services and ColdFusion.” I’ll be presenting an updated version of this presentation at the ColdFusion Summit East 2019 this April. It’s been a very busy time for me lately — hence the dearth of posts. I am, however, pretty close to postin

Reverse an array in ColdFusion and other tricks using slice syntax [+]
Adobe ColdFusion Blog | 2/10/19 8:30 AM | Blog, ColdFusion, Modern CFML, 2018, blog, modern cfml
In ColdFusion there is a dedicated function to reverse a string but there isn’t one to reverse an array. With the slice functionality added in ColdFusion 2018 you can easily reverse an array: foo = [10,20,30,40,50]; bar = foo[::-1]; writeDump(foo); // outputs [10,20,30,40,50] writeDump(bar); // outputs [50,40,30,20,10] As you can see foo is unchanged and we have a new array bar which is in the reverse order to foo. W

Sorting an array using ArraySort, BubbleSort and QuickSort [+]
Adobe ColdFusion Blog | 2/9/19 11:30 AM | Blog, ColdFusion, Modern CFML, 2018, blog, modern cfml
I didn’t study Computer Science so when I read about sorting algorithms I know what they achieve but not really how they work. So I thought I’d have a go at two well known ones; Bubble Sort and Fast Sort. Before I go any further, I should point out that I’ve never had to write my own sorting algorithm, the native ArraySort works perfectly well! data = [5,-1,2,1,001,3,0,-4.10,-3,01,-2,-5,4]; result = data.sort("numeric"); // result: [-5,-4.1,-3,-2,-1,0,1,0

FeedTiger — An RSS aggregation site built for Lynx [+]
Ben Milliron Blog | 2/9/19 11:00 AM | Software, Technology
I have resurrected an old project that aggregates RSS feeds from around the web (FeedTiger).  In this case the site is designed specifically for the Lynx text browser. I add feeds as I come accross them, if you have a feed that has an atom or RSS feed you want me to add please email me

My New Favorite Editor: Visual Studio Code [+]
thecrumb | 2/8/19 7:00 PM | tools, ide, editor, code
I've been blogging and wiki-ing about Sublime Text since at least 2011. It's always done everything I need. I've tinkered with newer editors like Brackets and Atom but there was never enough 'whoa' to draw me away from Sublime. So it was with some apprehension I started trying Microsoft's Visual Studio C

Same Query Running Extremely Slower on CF 2018 vs CF 2016 [+]
Adobe ColdFusion Blog | 2/8/19 4:00 PM | Application Performance, Performance, Question, 2018, application performance, cfquery, performance, question
I’m trying to scour the resources I have available to see if I can find the solution to this issue or at least some more pointers on where to look.  So we are moving a website from one server to another.  The machines are comparable and the network is the same network.  The only major difference is we’re going from CF 2016 to CF 2018.  On ’16, a query we have runs in about 1 second.  The same query on the ’18 machine runs in about 17 to 30 seconds.  I’ve been loo

Other social resources for ColdFusion [+]
Adobe ColdFusion Blog | 2/8/19 12:30 PM | ColdFusion, Discussion, Modern CFML, discussion, modern cfml
The CF Community is vast.  Aside from the ColdFusion Community Portal, here’s some other places you can turn to in order to find help or network within the ColdFusion community.  Don’t forget about ColdFusion Summit that happens each fall in Las Vegas. Facebook Cold Fusion Programmers Col

Apache crashes while serving multiple thread requests using CF2018 [+]
Adobe ColdFusion Blog | 2/8/19 12:30 PM | CF2018 Updates, ColdFusion 2018, Question, cf2018 updates, ColdFusion, coldfusion 2018, question
Hi Team, We encountered an interesting (rather annoying) bug with Apache & CF2018, in one of the Proof of Concept Servers (CF2018 with Apache2.4). The scenario, which I am going to describe here is working well in our production servers which are not using CF2018 or Apache2.4 (and for years now). Few reports are scheduled to run one after another and the Apache crashes with Segment Fault, before the next report is run. ColdFusion doesn&#8217

Top 10 CF Alive Podcasts of 2018 (Editor’s Choice) [+]
TeraTech | 2/8/19 11:30 AM | CF Alive Podcast
Whoo. What a year! 2018 has been huge for ColdFusion. From the amazing conferences to the major advancements in CFML to the release of ColdFusion 2018, this past year has been incredible.

Trying To Implement 9-Slice Scaling With SVG Components In Angular 7.2.4 [+]
Kinky Solutions | 2/8/19 8:30 AM | Javascript / DHTML
Ben Nadel experiments with implementing 9-Slice scaling of SVG components in Angular 7.2.4. This post draws heavily from "Dynamic SVG Components" by Dave Geddes, and uses Math to create a dynamic PopUp component in Angular 7.2.4....

Editor’s Choice: Top 10 CF Alive Podcasts of 2018 [+]
TeraTech | 2/8/19 6:30 AM | CF Alive Podcast
Whoo. What a year! 2018 has been huge for ColdFusion. From the amazing conferences to the major advancements in CFML to the release of ColdFusion 2018, this past year has been incredible.

Invest the easy way [+]
1SmartSolution Blog | 2/6/19 8:26 PM | Lately, i, started, thinking, on, my, income, for, retirement, and, realized, need, a, source, of, side, flow., After, research, found, about, such, thing, as, robo-advisors. As, per, , Wikipedia, Robo-advisors
Lately i started thinking on my income for retirement and realized i need a source of side income flow. After research i found about such a thing as robo-advisors. As per Wikipedia Robo-advisors or Robo-advisers are a class of financial adviser that provide financial advice or Investment management online with moderate to minimal human intervention. They provide digital financial advice based on mathematical rules or algorithms. These algorithms are executed by software and thus financial

Functions are first class citizens [+]
Adobe ColdFusion Blog | 2/6/19 6:00 PM | Blog, ColdFusion, Modern CFML, 2018, blog, modern cfml
In CFML, functions are first class citizens. That means that you can assign functions to variables, pass them around or return them. When support for closures was added in ColdFusion 10, then this meant we could do some interesting things. Before we dive into the code, I want to know my code is doing what I want so have written some tests. Normally I’d use TestBox for unit testing, but to keep things simple for this post, I’ve created a assert function that che

Vue Components FTW - Toasted [+]
Raymond Camden'sBlog | 2/6/19 4:30 PM | vuejs, vue components ftw, JavaScript
Before I begin this post, a quick bit of context. A few days ago I was reading an excellent post on Vue and Internationalization (How to add Internationalization to a Vue Application), and while it is a great article in itself, towards the end the author mentions a small, random little component to make it easy to display country f

Sessions don't work in Chrome but do in IE [+]
ColdFusion, Java, and Web Development | 2/6/19 3:00 PM | Web
I observed an interesting thing today while helping a client. The problem was presented as: We have a bunch of Chrome users having issues where a session variable is not working between page requests. We set the variable on one page, it is not defined on the next page request. If we tell them to try another browser, such as IE or Edge it works fine. I have seen problems like this for many years and it doesn't often end up being a difference in the browser imp

csrfVerifyToken does not invalidate the token [+]
ColdFusion, Java, and Web Development | 2/6/19 2:30 PM | ColdFusion
When you are using csrfGenerateToken and csrfVerifyToken with unique categories, the token that is generated remains valid until another token is generated with the forceNew argument set to true. Here is a code snippet which illustrates this: <cfoutput> <cfset tokenVar = createUUID()> <cfset csrf1 = csrfGenerateToken(tokenVar, true)> csrf1: #csrf1# verify csrf1: #csrfVerifyToken(csrf1, tokenVar)#

What was new in CF10, 11, or 2016 that you may have missed? [+]
Adobe ColdFusion Blog | 2/6/19 12:30 PM | Blog, ColdFusion, Modern CFML, 11, 2016, blog, modern cfml, updates
Are you moving up to, or considering a move to CF2018, or perhaps CF2016? If so, might you have skipped over one of the previous releases, whether CF2016, CF11, or CF10? And you might you wonder “what changed in those previous releases” that you may have missed? Can you name the top 5 or 10 features/changes in those three previous releases of CF? or key hidden gems? Are you aware of compatibility concerns in moving to any of them? Or maybe you moved to one

Convert Unicode strings to ASCII with ColdFusion & JUnidecode [+]
James Moberg | 2/6/19 11:30 AM | utf-8, unicode, java, coldfusion, cfml, conversion, ascii, ICU4J, stringutils
I’ve struggled for years attempting to identify the best solution for converting unicode...

ColdFusion 11 “Core Support” ends on April 2019 [+]
Adobe ColdFusion Blog | 2/6/19 4:00 AM | Extended Support, ColdFusion, coldfusion 11, Core Support, support
The “Core Support” for ColdFusion 11 ends on April 30, 2019. That means, no more Security patches/updates by Adobe for this version of ColdFusion after end of April 2019. The detailed timelines are mentioned here in the EOL Matrix. What is Core Support then? Core support is the time frame wherein the product and the support programs are available.

Hidden Gems in CF2018, part 3 – Security, Performance, and the PMT [+]
Adobe ColdFusion Blog | 2/6/19 2:00 AM | CF2018 Updates, ColdFusion 2018, Question, cf2018 updates, ColdFusion, coldfusion 2018, question
In part 3 of this series on CF2018 Hidden gems, we move from the discussion of admin/config/install-related aspects in part 2, to somewhat related topics, which may have more broad appeal to CF developers and administrators (and business people) alike: Securing

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