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Quick Netlify Dev Tip for Complex Static Sites [+]
Raymond Camden'sBlog | 7/15/19 12:30 PM | development, static sites
Hey everyone, this tip will probably have a very limited audience, but it was a huge deal for me so I wanted to share it with others in case they run into the same issue. In case you don’t know it, Netlify Dev is a way to run the Netlify Platform locally. Which means features like redirects, functions, and more will work locally.

Creating an MS Access Lucee Extension [+]
Michael Born - Web dev and such | 7/15/19 10:00 AM
I turned a simple task (migrate data from an MS Access database) into a Lucee extension which wraps the UCanAccess JDBC driver. Table Of Contents Querying an Access File from CFML JDBC Is Awesome! Why A Lucee Extension? Creating th

Using AWS Step Functions in CFML: Speaking Translated Text into a MP3 File [+]
Brian Klass | 7/15/19 10:00 AM
We are now at the final step in this parallel execution inside our Step Functions workflow that transcribes a video, takes the transcript and translates it into a different langugage (Spanish, in this parallel execution), and speaks that translated text into a MP3 file. This final step, titled “makeSpanishAudioFile” in our workflow, uses another AWS service that I haven’t yet covered in any of my many posts on using AWS from CFML: AWS Polly.

The CFQuery Tag Supports Silent Asynchronous Query Execution In Lucee [+]
Kinky Solutions | 7/15/19 6:00 AM | ColdFusion
Ben Nadel takes a quick look at the async attribute of the cfquery tag and queryExecute() function in Lucee CFML This attribute causes the SQL query to execute in an asynchronous thread using a true "set it and forget" mentality....

[FRS-463] Incompatibility with FusionReactor 8.1.0 and Internet Explorer (IE) 11 [+]
FusionReactor Java Performance Monitor: Blog | 7/15/19 4:00 AM | Support, Technotes, FRS, FRS-463
Incompatibility with FusionReactor 8.1.0 and Internet Explorer (IE) 11 The post [FRS-463] Incompatibility with FusionReactor 8.1.0 and Internet Explorer (IE) 11 appeared first on FusionReactor.

Top 3 Key Factors When Choosing a Programming Language (Why CFML is Always the Best Option) [+]
TeraTech | 7/14/19 8:00 AM | CF Vs. Other Languages
In this article, you will learn: What factors you should consider when facing a dilemma on which programming language to choose Whether to modernize or replace your language The risks and rewards of using mature or emerging languages

I Can Finally Embed An Assignment Operation Inside Of Other Expressions In Lucee [+]
Kinky Solutions | 7/14/19 6:00 AM | ColdFusion
Ben Nadel is super excited that Lucee CFML supports assignment operations inside of other expressions. This is a feature that he's been wanting for years in Adobe ColdFusion; which, to this day, still throws a syntax error when trying to perform such a feat....

The CachedWithin Function Memoization Feature Appears To Compare Complex Objects By Value In Lucee [+]
Kinky Solutions | 7/14/19 5:00 AM | ColdFusion
Ben Nadel digs deeper into the cachedWithin Function memoization feature of Luce CFML; and, demonstrates that input evaluation appears to look at the deep-value of complex objects - not just at the complex object references....

Caching Function Outcomes With CachedWithin Caches Both The Return Value And The Output Buffer In Lucee [+]
Kinky Solutions | 7/13/19 8:00 AM | ColdFusion
Ben Nadel takes a quick look at the Function memoization feature of Lucee; and, demonstrates that the cachedWithin directive will cache both the return value of the Function as well as any changes made to the output buffer during the Function execution....

Using top: auto will not work when vertically aligning text within multiple block level elements. [+]
Gregory Alexander | 7/12/19 4:30 PM | CSS
Using top: auto, margin: auto, margin-top: -50%, etc, will not work when vertically aligning text within multiple block level elements. The problem with these css declarations in block level elements is that the values would be calculated as zero when they are calculated relative to the width of outer blocks. CSS2 specifies that block level elements are stacked vertically from top to bottom in normal flow. If you only have one block level element, the the top and bottom margins will be zero

What is the Modulus Operator? A Short Guide with Practical Use Cases [+]
Matthew J. Clemente | 7/12/19 4:00 PM
Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. These are the four mathematical operations I was taught during my childhood education, and their operators, +, -, *, /, are very familiar. I was

Netlify Analytics - An Initial Look [+]
Raymond Camden'sBlog | 7/12/19 3:30 PM | development
A few days ago (wow, just two, really?) Netlify announced a brand new feature for their platform, Analytics. As you can imagine, this is a feature focused on giving you analytics about your site with the main benefit of being able to skip using a client-side library like Google Analytics.

Returning CFQuery / Query Results As Arrays In Lucee [+]
Kinky Solutions | 7/12/19 8:00 AM | ColdFusion
Ben Nadel takes a quick look at the Query "returnType" attribute, which allows query results to be returned as an Arrays-of-Structs rather than as a database recordset. This is a small but exciting efficiency which allows member methods like .map(), .sort(), and .filter() to be called directly on the returned value from queryExecute() and the cfquery tag....

Using The String localeCompare() Method To Implement A Natural Sort In Angular 8.2.0-next.0 [+]
Kinky Solutions | 7/11/19 8:00 AM | Javascript / DHTML
Ben Nadel demonstrates how the String.prototype.localeCompare() method can be used, in modern browsers, to implement a "natural sort" with almost no effort. This type of sort treats embedded numbers as numbers, leading to a more human-friendly ordering of string values....

Announcing Preconference sessions for ColdFusion Summit 2019 [+]
Adobe ColdFusion Blog | 7/11/19 1:00 AM | Adobe ColdFusion, CF Summit
We are glad to announce two preconference sessions on the day before ColdFusion Summit 2019. The sessions would be held on September 30th 2019 at The Mirage, Las Vegas. The preconference sessions are Hands-on ColdFusion Security Workshop (Trainer : Pete Freitag) and Going from Zero to 60 with Docker and ColdFusion images (Trainer : Charlie Arehart). Register Now at

Adobe ColdFusion Specialist Certificate Program [+]
Adobe ColdFusion Blog | 7/11/19 12:30 AM | Adobe ColdFusion, CF Summit
Professional certificate program from Adobe for ColdFusion developers. Give your ColdFusion career an edge. Adobe ColdFusion Specialist is a blended learning certificate program, comprising 15+ hours of online videos followed by a day-long, hands-on workshop. Designed for ColdFusion professionals who have basic to advance level proficiency in web designing, HTML and JavaScript. Badge &

Fusion-Reactor is a must-have for Java and ColdFusion admins [+]
FusionReactor Java Performance Monitor: Blog | 7/10/19 5:30 AM | Blog Posts, News, coldfusion admins, java admins
“Fusion-Reactor is a must-have for Java and ColdFusion admins“ What do you like best? The ability to quickly troubleshoot problems with an instance’s heap, cpu, web requests and so much more. The dashboard provides so much information in real-time. What do you dislike? I haven’t found anything to dislike about this product. What problems are […] The post

Adobe ColdFusion 2018 Accessibility Report is Available for 508 Compliance [+]
Adobe ColdFusion Blog | 7/9/19 4:30 PM | Accessibility, Announcement, ColdFusion, ColdFusion 2018
VPAT Now Available for ColdFusion 2018! We just released the the 508 Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) for Adobe ColdFusion 2018. It can be found on our website here: The VPAT describes accessibility compliance for the ColdFusion software according to standards and guidelines

A Good Samaritan Law For Engineers At A Software As A Service (SaaS) Company [+]
Kinky Solutions | 7/9/19 12:30 PM | Work
Ben Nadel considers a Good Samaritan Law for engineers: an explicit promise that no engineer will ever be fired for attempting to, in good faith, help a user or create a better user experience. If we can create a safe space in which engineers can operate, he believes that the users will naturally reap the reward....

Using AWS Step Functions in CFML: The Frustration of Variable Reassignment in Step Functions [+]
Brian Klass | 7/8/19 12:30 PM
As mentioned at the end of the last post in this series, if we try to take our translated text and pass it directly into the next (and final) step in this parallel execution, it won’t quite work. We would get an error that the textToSpeak property wasn’t defined in the event object. Why? I’m not going to show the code for the convertTextToSpeech.js function just yet, but it exp

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